Fic: Merlin Big Bang: Academy

Title: Academy
Author: night-lyx

: They called themselves the Marauders. When the new school year starts during the year of 1971, five young girls and boys enroll in the prestigious Academy to learn witchcraft and wizardry. For the next seven years, they are forced to confront personal issues, find the power of friendship and realize that, although they are sheltered in the castle’s walls, a war awaits them outside.

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Just something i wrote and I'm not even sure why I'm posting it!

Learning’s Art

A day that dawned as usual and yet, by its end had taught me a valuable lesson that others had failed to for all their efforts. I carry what I learnt then with me today and I will carry it for all my life: the value of images and presentation.

I was just starting my junior year in high school and my mom’s constant refrain to improve my handwriting and presentation skills had reached its pinnacle.Of course,being headstrong and stubborn,with me it was a case of “In one ear, out the other.”I didn’t care and frankly, couldn’t be bothered to care about something I regarded as inconsequential in the vast scheme of things.What did it matter how it was perceived from a distance as long as, on a closer look, it was worth something? I was one of the top students in my school and I was aware of it.Teachers praised my intelligence and I never suffered for the lack of good handwriting or good display.

I would stare askance at people who spent hours or days on things when they could be done in mere one-third of that.I would wonder how anybody had that much patience when in the grand scale of things, it was useless. I remember one incident.We were given an assignment and I completed it in five hours whereas my best friend took two days.Later,however,when marks were given I scored higher.Incidents like this left me vindicated and I would become even more convinced that my mother and all those who criticized me were just fussy.

And then the irony gods played their hand!

It was a normal,unremarkable day when I woke up in the morning. No strange sense of foreboding, or any sign that today I would find my convictions shaken down to their foundations. If then, someone had tried to tell me about the promise I would find myself making before the end of the day, I would have recommended a mental hospital to them.Sometimes, even now, I feel cheated that there wasn’t anything unique about that day considering what happened and just how earth- shattering it felt.A prior warning would have been nice.

There was a party coming up and since I wanted some new shoes,I convinced my mother to accompany me to Step’s, a well- known shoe store we frequented. Now, that day, they were having a sales event and when we reached there,my mother wanted to check it out first.I tried to refuse and dig my heels in but she went in anyway. The moment I followed her in and looked around, though, I knew I wasn’t buying anything there. It was dusty and felt more like a charity sale than brand-new shoes of a well-known store.Everything was jumbled together haphazardly. I vociferously made sure my mother knew that there was no way my party shoes were coming from there and then pulled her to the actual shop next door.

And then I got the worst shock of my life! All the shoes on display, shining and placed artistically almost, were exactly the same as those I had seen minutes before at the sale. The price, however, was double now and all I could think was the universe had to be laughing at me. The amount was raised by fifty percent and all because you were getting the goods presented to you aesthetically.I,truly,don’t remember much of the next hour;I bought the required footwear in daze and got home,still unable to fully grasp the impact of tasteful display.For the next week, a concentrated effort was made by me to do my schoolwork in such a way that it would capture anyone looking at it.Imagine what I felt when at the end of the week my teachers were actually giving me compliments on my handwriting!

From that day till today, I have never forgotten, for one second, the lesson those shoes taught me.I have learnt that while first impressions aren’t the last, they do certainly last.They are just as important as later impressions,no matter how much we, people, hate that. People will judge you with the first glance and then it takes a while to change their opinion. Jane Austen in “Pride and Prejudice” captured this quite beautifully. Now, as I pen these words, I feel grateful that I wasn’t forced to learn it later by our harsh world in a much worse way.

Fic Rec

Excellent multi povs to Arthur's and Merlin's relationship.....with lot of fun thrown in.I honestly couldnt stop laughing at some parts. I loved the knight dynamics and their loyalty display :)

TITLE: The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes
by stakeaclaim

SUMMARY: In which Arthur attempts to teach his knights, his knights attempt to woo Merlin and Arthur is definitely not jealous....

Fic Rec

Spring Fever, Day 1: Fic: "The Undiscovered Country"

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The best fem!Merlin i found where Merlin was born girl!

Fics by Delanach

So 3 fics i really loved by Delanach...
(I really like Michael for some reason :P )
Then ofcourse the belonging..Possessive and protective Dean at its best !
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And ofcourse the fanart that goes with this (y).

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